“Focus on Small Business”

A letter from the President of TWR Group, Inc.

I started TWR Group back in 1994 to provide small business with technology solutions. Prior to that, I was working as a Senior Network Engineer for a National consulting firm, and I saw how small businesses were treated. Each IT project and RFP was first considered from a money perspective by the directors and sales managers. Small businesses with smaller projects were simply ‘not worth it’ in their eyes. Priority and resources were given to clients with the biggest bank accounts. When I formed TWR Group, I vowed to focus on small business solutions and give them superior customer service for a reasonable price. Our clients enjoy the level of service, commitment and dedication they deserve, whether they have 5 employees or 500.

Our entire team is committed to your satisfaction and we work to ensure success with your technology projects – in fact, we guarantee it. Our time tested techniques and services save you money on IT and allow you to prosper in your business. I invite you to try TWR Group for your technology needs and experience the difference our ‘customer first’ approach makes.

Todd W. Rayer



TWR Group has been helping businesses with the IT needs for 18+ years
TWR Group employees highly trained, experienced, and certified technicians, developers, and engineers

Key Personnel:

Todd Rayer 25+ yrs experience with Computer Networking
Jim Moses 25+ yrs experience with Computer Networking
Brian Tommasone 20+ yrs experience with Data Centers, Server Virtualization, Hosting
Les Merisky 30+ yrs experience with Phone Systems, VoIP, Cabling
Mike Krengulec 20+ yrs experience with Phone Systems, Data Lines, Cabling
Nancy Brown 30+ yrs experience with Business Accounting
Joren Rapini 10+ yrs experience with Web, Database and eCommerce Development